If traveling is one of your biggest passions, then Cambodia is definitely on your bucket list. The views are breathtaking, the experiences are unforgettable and the connection with that lifestyle will forever change your perspective. Traveling to Cambodia on a budget is the way to do it, as you’ll say hello to $1 beers and $10 hotels.

In order to have an easy-to-follow plan for when you go there, I put together this article with all the info you’ll need. This can be your pocket guide to help you understand better the prices and find the best activities.

Currency: Cambodian Riel & USD
Tip: Most prices are displayed directly in USD, but you’ll receive small change in Cambodia Riel.
Language: Khmer
Population: 15 million
Religion: Buddhism

Let’s see how much you’ll spend on average on all activities you’ll find there:
*Prices are the average spent by different travelers who shared their experiences (people who went on a trip to Cambodia on a budget).

  • Average Daily Cost Per person

    – Per Day  
    135,250 (meaning $33,4)
    –  Week  946,800 (meaning $233,9)
    –  Month 4,057,700 (meaning $1,002)
  • Traveling to Cambodia as a Couple:

    – Average Costs per day ៛1,893,600 ($ 468)
    – For 2 Weeks 3,787,200 ($ 936)
    – One Month 8,115,400 ( $2, 005) 

  • Meals & Drinks:

    – Meals for 1 day45,750 ( $11,3)
    – Bottled water for 1 day: 4,925 ( $ 1,2)
    – Alcohool & drinks for 1 day: 14,700 ($ 3,6)

    – Breakfast for Two: 19,500 ($ 4,8)
    Dinner for Two: 41,000 ( $ 10) 

  • Transportation & Entertainment:

    – Local buses or subway: 20,250 ( $ 5)
    – Bike Rentals7,800 ( $1,9)
    Tuk Tuk Ride 53,950 ($13) 
    –  Show tickets: 38,200 ($ 9,4)
    –  Guides or service providers: 7,650 ($ 1,8)
    Angkor Tour Guide: 33,250 ($ 8,2)
  • Hotel for 1 person46,450 ($ 11,4)cambodia on a budget  
  • Best Places and Activities

    We know one thing for sure, you’ll never get bored when you go in Cambodia. There is so much to see and do that it can take a month to familiarize with the best parts of it.

    Bayon Temples

    You will admire unforgettable architecture stone works built in the 10th-13th centuries. People are familiar with Angkor main temple, the Wot Temple, but in this trip, you’ll be able to see 4 of these majestic stone carved masterpieces (approximately $80, depending on what features you want to include in your 1-day tour ).You can even opt for a helicopter tour ride to see Angkor Wat Temple. For this experience, you’ll get out from your wallet for about $450 more.

    8h Trip with Breathtaking Views

    You’ll have the chance to visit Phnom Kulen National Park the whole day. You’ll see mountains, waterfalls and hear stories about the Linga-Cult on top of the mountain, which is considered to be the most sacred peak in Cambodia. (approximately $40).

    Boat Trip to the Largest Bird Sanctuaries in Southeast Asia

  • You will embark on a one-day cruise to seek rare birds as the Spot-billed Pelican, Black-headed Ibis, and Masked Finfoot in Tongle Sap Lake. You’ll also visit a crocodile farm, admire the local life meanwhile and end the trip with a Cambodian-style lunch at a floating restaurant.

    elephants cambodia

    Elephant Valley Project

    If you want to experience something really amazing then this is the place to go. This organization is quite different from the others involving elephants as here they are the priority. You’ll observe them in their natural environment.
    You’ll gain a new perspective by observing their behavior, hearing details about their life and habits and learn so much new info. You can volunteer to health check the elephants, water the plants/food for the elephants, cut down bamboo and so much more.

    You’ll receive delicious homecooked meals and enjoy the library and board games in the lounge.

    Be Amazed by the Cambodian Circus

    You can adventure in a 90 minutes experience with the choreography blended with theater, hear stories and gain an insight into the artists lives due to their challenging social and economic backgrounds.

    cambodia views

     If you plan traveling to Cambodia you’ll  experience diversity on a tini-tiny budget. You’ll be able to enjoy lots of nature and millenary tradition, architecture, and lifestyle. You’ll admire crystalline waters with white sandy beaches, imposing temples, ride elephants and much more and get back home without emptying your wallet too much.

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