You know the wonderful feeling of buying an item that you love? Yes, you definitely do. But after a few years your favorite lamp, chair, sofa or even guitar doesn’t present any interest to you anymore. It only occupies space and if you haven’t thought of throwing it, you definitely thought of selling the item.

There are several sites through which you can sell your items. They all have pros and cons. But in the last couple of years, there’s one place that brought together millions of happy sellers and buyers with incredibly fast trades. Yes, I’m talking about … drums please.. the only.. Facebook Marketplace.

Starting from 2016, this has become the hot spot for people wanting to get rid of their unused items at a decent price. While on the majority of sites you’ll be lucky to sell your stuff only if you go pretty low on the price, here you can make good money. But if you want to find a bargain, there are people who want to sell really fast and you might wake up with products 5-10 times cheaper than in stores. Sometimes even new unused stuff. Everything from furniture, clothing items, accessories to absolutely anything you can think of.

According to Forbes, in May 2017 were posted more than 18 million products only in U.S. This means only in one month.

About Facebook Marketplace

It is really easy to use and you can figure it all out without having to check a how-to manual.

  • There are categories from Home & Garden, Clothing & Accessories to Vehicles and Entertainment.
  • You can choose exactly the location from which you want to buy. If you want it from your town or the whole country it’s up to you. Easy to set up with an option of setting the km radius.
  • Easy to set the price to fit in your budget.
  • People trust more this platform than Craigslist as it feels a more intimate as they can always check a person’s profile to see how is the person they’re buying from.


Local Facebook Groups 

Another way of selling on Facebook is entering local groups. They can be general ones where you could sell anything or specific ones focused on jewelry, clothing, music related articles and so on. Forbes explained thet in May 2017 over 550 million people visited these groups.

Note that some products are prohibited in these groups. You can find the full list here.


Advertise Your Talents

Another great way of making money there is to simply expose what you are good at. Do you draw beautiful portraits, can tutor kids in a specific discipline, are available for walking your neighbors’ pets? Absolutely anything you can think of, you can put out there as a service. Facebook Marketplace is a wonderful platform for this.

Be sure to think of many great keywords and add them all, no matter if they aren’t really specific to your service. For example, if you offer pencil drawn caricatures, also add pastels, painting, portraits and so on. You got the idea. Who knows who was looking for a gift and as he saw your service he might change his mind and choose yours.

 Dos and Don’ts

When you’re selling on Facebook, no matter if it’s the first time or you have experience, you can read the following (in order to save up time) and avoid stress:

  • Give as many details of the product. Make a picture if your table/shoe/etc has a little bruise and mention it, no matter how small it is. People will ignore it and concentrate on the whole product if you mention it, but will be unpleasantly surprised if you don’t tell anything. And you might end up with a return.
  • Give the dimensions or the size, the brand and everything you know about it in order to avoid responding to all potential clients to not respond to the same question 20-30 times if you don’t.
  • Mention your payment choices and if you can offer transportation or not as this might be a decisive point for some clients.
  • Keep a positive attitude and you’ll attract more happy clients as they can “feel” it if you aren’t very happy with your product either.

As a buyer: 

  • If it’s about furniture or anything, mostly, don’t forget to ask the dimensions to see if will fit in perfectly or if isn’t worth buying it at all.
  • Ask about the condition, no matter if it is already written. It’s better to make sure you know everything about the product before receiving it.
  • If the payment is required before the transport, search recommendations for the seller on Facebook groups that were created especially for this purpose.


With all these being said, now you’re even more prepared to make money on Facebook Marketplace. And if you want to know more about how to earn money from home, you can check out this article too. Now go make more easy money.

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