Today is about you, about all parts of you. About your beautiful smile, your perfect face, your soul, body, personality and absolutely everything about you.

You are completely perfect, EXACTLY how you are. Your weirdish self is absolutely perfect exactly the way it is. You don’t have to change absolutely anything about you. NEVER. The things that are different at you make you shine even brighter. We came on this earth to be different, to have different tastes, different opinions, to like different things, clothes, ways of living and that’s really fine. What would be the purpose if we would be all the same? It’s such a magnificent journey when we learn new things, see new cultures up close and in the end, after all differences, we see we are all so alike.

We all have just one purpose in life: to be happy. We all learn here how to be happy, and we all have this beautiful road, that is different from everyone else. From some happiness means money, brand clothes, a good job, a yacht, a bigger house, fame, for others means nature, for others means being spiritual, for others means living as simple as they can. This list is different 7 billion times, for every each of us. And this is perfectly fine.

Please Don’t Fit In

We are taught that we must be cool, watch the latest trends, do what others do. WRONG!

If you are constantly doing what others do, you will slowly forget what you personally really like (and not because your friends like it too, or your parents taught you this is the way to behave).

Learn who you truly are. In order to learn how to be happy in life, you must see what are the thoughts that really belong to you and what are the ones that came from your environment.

Exercise: make a list with all the things you like and stay quiet for 5 minutes every day for a week and realize if you are the one who’s into these things or if they are what your parents wanted for you, or ideas that your friends liked. See what really belongs to you. It’s simple.

Depressed, Stressed, Lack Of Excitement?

Do you feel one the above describes you? I’ve been there too, lots of my friends have been depressed in parts of their life and absolutely everyone on this planet had moments, months or years when they totally lacked motivation? That’s perfectly fine. It isn’t something wrong with you, it’s just your inner self showing you how to go back to your authentical you.

Throw your TV out. And I really mean it. If you are constantly watching shows and feel dependent on the TV, please do yourself a huge favor and throw it completely out of the window. Maybe you don’t believe this, but THIS may be the main reason you lack happiness or you don’t feel confident enough. There you’ll find lots of drama, perfect bodies, lots of negativity on the news and only things that will put pressure on you and make you feel that you are not enough the way you are. Which is totally bu%&^*#t.

You can keep your TV, but only when you are the one that chooses what to watch. As everything we see and hear around us enter our subconscious mind and influences us in the future creating patterns. You don’t need negativity and drama.

Exchange the Shows You Watch with Inspirational Ones.

You need inspirational people, who learned how to be happy and embraced wholly who they are. That’s how they started inspiring people by just being themselves. If you want daily or weekly shows, I give you inspirational shows. Not only this will program your mind to be yourself, but you’ll start being more confident too. And you’ll automatically learn how to be happy in life, stronger every day.

And if you want some deep growth and inspiration you can, of course, follow the big ones like Louise Hay (her team still continues to inspire), Wayne Dyer, Dalai Lama, Zig ZiglarDarren Hardy, Bryan Tracy (of course), Jack Canfield and so many others.

These are healthy alternatives that you can choose and are only a few examples. You can find the domain that brings you the most joy, search the most inspirational people in this domain and start following them. I assure you they’ll motivate you like no one else.


How to Be Happy Alone

Hmm, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? Well no. Definitely no. We tend to always want to be in relationships to feel secure and protected, but what are we really afraid of?

If you want to find out how to be happy alone, well, you first must be alone. Sometimes we always search for company, friends, getting out and we are afraid to remain only ourselves with our thoughts. We are terrified of what we can discover. But in order to learn how to be happy it’s necessary to remain alone. Because we’ll discover only beautiful things about us, we’ll know ourselves better and better and discover who we truly are.

Only after we learn how to be happy alone we can be happy with other people too and not the other way around. And it’s a simple and exciting journey, with every step. By learning to love ourselves really deep and wholly, we’ll love more everything about this magnificent world too.


If you need more of our motivational and inspirational showers we have a special tag for it and you’ll find it more and more. Because we LOOOOOVE this world so much and we love to see you truly wholly yourself, happy, abundant and living your dream life.

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