How ’bout that? What are your plans for this summer? How many festivals and destinations did you have planned?

I bet there’s no way it could beat this super awesome “job”. What could be more fantastic than to go to a place with surreal landscapes and travel all around the world? And be paid for that.

According to Thrillist, Wow Air is currently hunting for 2 adventurous folks- you & your best friend to come to Reykjavik, Iceland and from there to travel across North America & Europe. You’ll be documenting your trips with advice and travel tips from your experience on social media.

Fly Across the World for Free

This 3-month incredible experience will be paid $4,550 per month and you’ll have the accommodation for free.

In order to apply for this awesome job, you’ll have to head to the Wow Air Travel Guide and fill in the application.

Wow Air

This is the apartment where you and your friend will stay if you will be the winners. Travel and living expenses are totally covered. In order to participate your application consists in a 2-minute video which shows your hometown.

As the winner, you’ll have to create videos, GIFs, Instagram stories and blog posts which will be posted on a section of Wow air called Travel guide. In these 3 months you’ll cover 38 countries, from nature to extremely luxurious capitals. Practically, you’ll give tips and tricks on the hottest spots you travel to, places travelers would want to know about.

You can send your video until May 14, and if you’ll get picked your gig will start on June 1st and will be a non-stop fun-tastic journey until August 1st.

if you don’t get picked, don’t worry. You’ll afford to go to beautiful destinations through this Wow Air as it has super-duper offers like tickets under $99 to Iceland, Tel Aviv,  and many more.

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