Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you’ve ever “applied” to. It’s a 24h full time, no vacations and always be prepared for the unexpected. Though it needs full-time dedication, when you see your kid smile, it’s all worth it.
However, this doesn’t come cheap. It’s approximated that a parent spends $250. 000 from his childbirth to when he turns 18 only on his stuff. Here’s how you can reduce these expenses.

1. Compare Your Status with Other Moms

When you’re feeling you’re the only one going through this situation it can become scary. But you’re definitely not. Status is an amazing app that was created to allow you to see how other parents manage their budget. It will also help you track your interest rates, compare your credit score and, in the end, maximize your net worth.

It will anonymously compare your budget with people from all over U.S. or from specific groups in order for you to gain a wider and clearer vision of how to use your finances better.  For free.

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2. Receive Free Diapers and Other Gifts

If you don’t already know about Everyday Family, if you’re a parent, this is a life and money savior.

Lots of useful advice for new parents and freebies valued at $400.

And if you’re new to the site, you’ve automatically entered a lottery to win free diapers for the whole year, worth $750. Subscribe here.


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3. Use Free Samples

We all know that, when being a parent, you want to use only the best products. In order to not waste money on the whole product, you can order samples for free to see if they sell what they advertise. There are many of these types of samples, from household to baby-related items.

iLoveSamples offers a great variety, Spring and Winter Samples are around all year,  and you can ask them from all these 3 sites to save up good cash.

4. Get Your Money Back 

Another great way to save up money is by using Ebates, the app that will give you money back for literally any item. From 25 cents any unlisted item to $5 for a box of beer, you will soon realize you’ll have 5-10% more money in your pocket after starting using it.

And it’s totally free to join. And if you’ll bring a friend you’ll receive $25, no joke.

5. Earn Money Fast

There are a lot of national panels that will allow you to voice your opinion in exchange for vouchers and gift cards, but you can also choose to withdraw money from them.

If you’re in a hurry a few of the most important sites are Shopper’s Voice, Consumer Opinion Panel, Toluna, and many others. But if you wish to subscribe to more to get more cash in your wallet, here is the whole list with surveys in all US, with pros and cons.

Being a parent brings so many achievements, and if you learn how to save up money through these interesting sites, life will bring more and more relaxation and ease every day.


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