Are you a book lover? Do you love losing yourself in novels by hours and empathizing with the characters?

I found the perfect job for you. Read… and get paid for that.

Let’s see what are the sites that will give you real cash to read. At the end of this article you’ll also find a bonus with sites that will send you free books.


  1. Online Book Media- Receive Gifts and Money

    This site will pay you between $5 and $60 to write reviews for your favorite books. They are searching for people that will write genuine reviews of the books they send to members.
    You can sign up and become a member for free and you’ll also the books they send are free of charge.
    The first review you’ll write will be free of charge, just as a measure for them to see if you’re suitable to write reviews.

  2.  Publishers Weekly- 200 Words Reviews

    Publishers Weekly is a company that often offers positions as editors, copyeditors and book reviewers.
    If you opt for the flexible part-time book reviewer job, you’ll have to send a C.V. and a 200-word review of a recently published book.
    They will give you an honorarium, but the exact amount isn’t specified. However, this company is pretty known in the industry and it’s a great place to start if you want some extra cash.

  3. Kirkus Media – Be Hired to write up to 350-Words Reviews

    You can try Kirkus Media where you’ll be hired as a book reviewer. You’ll get paid to read the books they are publishing.
    In order to collaborate with them, you have to send them your resume and writing samples. If you have experience in this domain, that’s a plus.

  4. Any Subject Books- Get Cash

    This company will pay you in cash for every book you review for them. They are searching for analytical minds and will pay their book reviewers based on word count. It’s a great site to get paid to read in your spare time.

  5. The U.S. Review of Books

    Definitely go for U.S. Review of Books where you’ll get paid for reviews of 250-300 words. You can sign up to be a book reviewer, and if you get accepted you’ll be paid on a monthly basis.



There are also publishing sites that pay their readers in free books. If you wish to receive your free book, head over:

For a book lover, this is heaven. If you’re not so much into reading and prefer a more active style of earning money, you can always check our Jobs section and see what’s new.



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