Do you love writing and providing quality content for your readers and clients? Then you’re perfect for this copywriter position.

Lance Soft is searching for a talented person who will “help edit and create ongoing content for the Talent Acquisition (TA) team. You’ll assist the marketing communications & branding manager with copy editing, social content creation, and writing for overall strategic communications.”

Lancesoft is one of fastest growing and largest clinical staffing firm in the U.S. and an employer-of-choice for over 1000+ consultants.

The areas where you’ll be needed for this position include:

  • Campus communications refresh
  • Internal candidate communications
  • Diversity hiring initiatives
  • Military messaging and branding
  • Blog content for a proposed Talent Acquisition blog (original content creation: employee testimonials, tips content)
  • Talent Acquisition leadership communications
  • content
  • Finally,  the Overall TA Recruitment messaging


  • Fast editing skills;
  • Perfect grammar;
  • Verbal and visual consistency;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Write for Telecommunications Careers site and social platforms;

Sounds like a fun project, doesn’t it? In order to apply for this position, it would be excellent if you would have:

  1. A Bachelor Degree and 4 or more years of experience;
  2. Three or more years of in-house or agency-side experience writing and editing copy for social channels.
  3. In addition, you’ll have to have a “willingness to provide portfolio”. This only means you would have to show previous projects, which is an easy and fun task.

The salary isn’t mentioned, but from this site, we find out that in this company the lowest paychecks start at $37 per hour, so the copywriter position will be somewhere 60k per year or above. If you think you meet all the requests and like what you hear, you can apply for this job here.

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