We all love traveling to exotic destinations during the summer. While the experience deserves all your savings, there are ways you can save on summer travel.

1. Choose Driving Over Flying

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Reaching our destinations can happen in 2 ways: fast and super-expensive or a longer road trip but way cheaper.

According to a study made by CheapAir.com, an average family of four persons spends $1,200 and $377 on a one-way plane ticket. This without including other fees like pieces of baggage, taxi to the airport and snacks.

While choosing an airplane ticket might reach you the equivalent of the holiday itself, renting a car or driving your own will save you of many thrown money. Renting an economy car will be like $30-$40 a day. Adding the gas costs will still reach you up to 10 times cheaper than the plane flight.

2. Why Not Stay For Free? 

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If you’re already planning to save lots of money, you can get free accommodations. In the second place, there come the really cheap ones. Finally, the average costing ones.


  • Go on the brilliant site CouchSurfing to find people open to receive tourists for free in their homes. If you’re sociable and love meeting new people, this is the best option. But if you want privacy and to stay only with your family, you might want to see the other options as well.
  • If you have relatives or friends staying in a beautiful town near the sea or in the mountains, you can pay them a visit. Announced of course, and with some wine and other small gifts and offer the favor back, to visit your town and stay at your home, too.


  • On the second place, there is the popular Airbnb where you can negotiate with locals the price for staying for a week or weekend in their home.
  • Another very cheap way to travel and spend the night almost free is on hostels. You can pay like $30 per night but you’ll have to share the room with many other travelers. An adventure and opportunity to hear inspirational stories while connecting with your tribe? You decide. If this sounds good, go to HostelsWorld.

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3. Find Best Hotels

save on summer travelPhoto Credit: Unsplash/ Joshua Rawson-Harris

If you prefer a more luxurious lifestyle without spending a ton, choose hotels. How to find the best ones.


You can save on summer travel by searching rooms by price on comparison sites like Trivago or HotelHunter.

Here‘s an interesting conversation on Tripadvisor with methods different travels use to book best options.

4. Buy Holiday Packages for Best Price

save on summer travelPhoto Credit: Unsplash/ Vita Vilcina

By choosing a holiday package you will save soooo much from anything you might carefully plan on your own. There are packages that include absolutely everything, from plane tickets, taxi drive to the hotel included, hotel stay, meals, hotel utilities like pools, saunas, tennis courts and much more at unbelievable prices.

Take for example Sherman’s Travel site where you can have discounts of 70%!

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All these things will help you spend as less as you wish. All you need to equip yourself with is a great mood and the taste of adventure. Have a great journey!


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