According to a study a household usually spends on groceries between $500 and $1500. This budget can be stretched out on a much lower amount on items if you plan it carefully. Let’s see how you can save up to 40% if you follow these steps:

1. Coupon World

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We all know this method so I’m going to leave the best sites for deals here:

  • Coupons: print the coupons you need before every road to the store.
  • SmartSource: Save from c50 to $3 on each reduced item to save on groceries.
  • Redplum: An easy to use site or app, where you can find items by brand or category.
  • Honey: Is a free browser app that will automatically scan the Internet for every working coupon code while you’re shopping online. At checkout, it will magically apply the best deal to your cart!

2. Samples

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Before deciding on what item to spend your money on, simply order free samples and save lots of money by using all sites available for it.

  • EveryDay Family: Get a lot of free products for you and your baby valued at $400 and enter competitions to win $1000 gift cards.
  • I Love Samples: Has a great variety of samples in many areas from food to different items.
  • Winter Samples: A site that has samples available throughout the year actually, worth a look.
  • Dollar Tree: An amazing site and real life hypermarket where you’ll find thousands of products under $1.

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3. Monthly Budget

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Plan it all ahead. You can save on groceries a lot if you plan it carefully. Establish a monthly budget and then split it in 4, for each week. Put it in 4 envelopes and spend each week only the amount you have allocated for that 7 days.

4. Lists Are Life Saving

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Before each road to the store, make a list of everything you need and nothing more. When in the hypermarket, stick ONLY to the items on the list, no matter what discounts you may see or what juicy, delicious, colourful products you might crave. It takes practice but you’ll become good at it.

5. Cook Instead of Going Out

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If you want to have a smaller budget on food, you must cut out dining out or buying pre-made foods. By buying the essential ingredients you’ll save up a LOT. An article on CNBC says that “Americans don’t like to cook“and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average household spends $3,008 on dining out, and $2,500 on lunch per year. Think how much you can save up if you give up this costly little fun habit. Gather round with the family and watch a relaxing movie instead and you’ll have fun times with a smaller amount.

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We can see how apps and a methodical thinking can save us of a lot of trouble. If we follow these hacks we won’t have to stretch the budget at the end of the month and we’ll also remnain with extra cash.

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