We all want to reach that perfect health and live every day with enthusiasm. Good news, it can all be obtained, you don’t automatically are born with it. Look at these 10 steps that will help you get closer to your goal.

1. Before thinking of others, you must think of you first. 

When you are in a great place yourself, you are automatically inspiring others, too. Vitality, accomplishment feeling, and happiness are catching. By choosing self-love first, you will help others do the same too.

2. Your kitchen should be your ally against diseases

Work towards a perfect health starting from the kitchen. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, said Hippocrates 2000 years ago. If he knew the importance of a  healthy meal, in the present we should know it more.

3. Don’t fill your stomach

You don’t have to jump from diet to diet to maintain an optimum health. Just be moderate. Studies have shown that in order to live more, you should eat less. No matter if your whole day is spent at work, don’t wait for you to come home in order to eat the most important meal of the day. Being hungry will make you eat more than you need.

Order or make a salad yourself from home and take it to eat it to work. In order to achieve an optimum health, you should fill your stomach 3/4 or 2/3 to leave room for it to work. Eat 3 or 5 times per day, small healthy meals.

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4. Sweat

Movement creates positive energy in your body. Find time to do your workout. Do it daily for at least 30 minutes and you will be filled with energy. This is an essential step towards perfect health.

5. Forget pills

Sometimes we think we need to take pills for our headaches, when in fact we are stressed or simply in the middle of a problem. Find a purpose, live fully. Optimism and purpose are great anti-inflammatories.

6. Start from within 

You can have absolutely anything on this world, if you don’t have inner peace, you won’t enjoy them. Search to obtain a tranquil state of mind by searching only the positive aspects of your life.

Kick drama out of your life shut down the TV and start living full of joy and peace.

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7.  Learn your lessons

In order to be more present about what is happening in your life, keep a journal. All people who dream big and achieve greatness do it. It will allow you to have a better perspective on life and to understand lessons easier.

8.  Be kind

There’s nothing more beautiful on this world than seeing an act of kindness. We are born full of trust and kindness, this is our primordial nature. We are surrounded by amazing people, and if we think we aren’t, those ones were only hurt and protect themselves.

So be a leader. Do things others can take as examples and look only for the positive in people. By seeing the best in them will allow them to reach their full potential too. And they will be able to serve themselves and you at the same time.

9. Love wins- every time

In order to have perfect health, you should practice meditation. It will help you detach yourself from all the drama happening near you or in the world and will help you focus on the positive parts of your life and on solutions.

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10. Serve

All great achievers and millionaires have in common this one trait: they are rich, but because they serve others. When you put yourself in other’s shoes you can accomplish extraordinary things. When you build your business thinking on how others can benefit from it first, it will definitely be a success.



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