All great businesses start with an idea. We all have one, and if you have the vision of how to implement it on the market, you can transform it into a beautiful business and create a unique service on the market.

After planning all the steps, all you need is the money for your project. That’s why big companies start funding programs in order to sustain inventive and creative people. If all you need is the cash, here are 4 options you can choose from:

1. Fit 4 Start with a $150,000 Funding 

If you already have “an innovative business idea or developed a minimum viable product” you can opt for this incredible program that will offer you a 16-week start-up programme of coaching and weekly follow-up by lean start-up experts and start-up business grant of up to €150,000.

More than that, at the end of the program the company will organize a ceremony in your honor. This will also serve as a networking event where you could meet potential collaborators, investors, and partners.

The program has its office in Luxembourg, so if you’re chosen pack your things for a 16-week vacation in this European capital.

If you want more information about this start-up funding, go here.

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2.  Entrepreneurship Funds For People under 30 in Ontario

If you live in Ontario, are a young entrepreneur looking for funding programs, your searches can end on this site. They offer different options depending on your needs. It is addressed to small businesses wanting to expand, female entrepreneurs, students between 15-29 and other categories. You can receive up to $20,000 and thorough training in the industry.

For more details, check this link.

3. F4 Capital Business Grants

This is a company that offers advantages for both start-ups and people looking to invest. It’s a system through which your funding can be approved in 60 days and make your business flourish.

More details about how it all works here.

4. Seek Business Capital

This is a very fast option through which Start-Up businesses are funded. The application takes under 2 minutes to complete and you receive an answer in less than 2 hours.

You can requests funds anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000.

More details on this site.

12 Best Business Grants Available in the US and How to Apply for Business Grants

Other funding programs for entrepreneurs or students with start-up ideas:

Simone Center-

A student incubator, summer start-up program, innovation challenge grant, and much more.

A program that funds different kinds of start-ups; they’re proud with a large portfolio for minorities. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Hermes Rivera

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