Eating healthy food and daily exercise has great benefits for your health, increases your energy level and even extends your life, studies have shown. You don’t have to see studies if you experiment this on your own skin and see the extraordinary good mood a healthy lifestyle will give you.

And if this isn’t enough motivation, here is one fantastic app that will pay you to stay fit and healthy.

Challenge Yourself to Lose Weight

When we accept to participate in a challenge, our motivation must be something we strongly believe in. Besides looking stunning, feeling great in your skin and being healthy, how’s does $1 K sound?

You heard that right.

pay you to stay fitPhoto Credit: Unsplash/ Jenny Hill

HealthyWage is a site where you will bet on a number of pounds you can lose and if you can keep your promise you’ll cash in a lot of money.

And when I said $1K I was being modest about this app as this is one of the lowest prizes you can win.

The platform has a $10,000 Team Challenge where more people decide to team up to lose weight:

“Cortney and her family have participated in two $10,000 Team Challenges and have won second and third place respectively (that’s $8,000)! Team accountability has helped her a great deal with her success and brought her family closer than ever! Not to mention the big prize just before the holidays!”

By finishing this kind of challenge not only you’ll feel better on the physical plan, but you’ll gain a lot of confidence and strengthen your self-esteem. You can also participate in individual challenges and win not only the satisfaction that you completed a hard challenge but have an extra $1-2-3K in your pocket.

For instance, Randall discovered that had high blood pressure just before turning 30. After finding out about this app, he decided to change his lie for the better and took the challenge to lose 55lbs. The prize? $1,100!

If you want to improve your health and also win money, HealthyWage‘s definitely one of our favorite way to do it.

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