Were you looking for a new adventure? This is your sign then.

Governor Phill Scott signed a new law for Vermont, affirming that anyone who will move to Vermont and work remotely will be eligible to receive $10,000.

CNN reports that workers who qualify will receive “$5,000 a year, not to exceed $10,000 over to years, through the state’s new worker grant program.

This law was created due to the small and aging population in Vermont, and their goal to recruit people to the state.

“To be eligible, a worker must be a full-time employee for an out-of-state business, work primarily from home or a co-working space in Vermont, and become a full-time resident on or after January 1, 2019“, CNN announces.

For 2019, grants are limited to $125,000 so act fast if this opportunity sounds appealing to you.
The sum assigned for 2020 increases to $250,000 then drops back to $125,000 in 2021.

Studies show that the US labor market has thrived, making people more free about their workplace and moving. Also, companies have started to increase their payment or adding benefits, like offering to pay student loans.

However, when moving in Vermont keep in mind that you will have to pay taxes there.

Overall, moving to Vermont can be a breath of fresh air and a new experience for people feeling stuck in their current place. What do you think about this new law? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.

Photo Credit: http://polski.fm

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