It’s hot, summer and we’re all preparing for at least one trip. Some people prepared for exotic Asian locations or fancy European destinations.

For those of us traveling in the US, we have so many amazing spots to choose that we can fill our Instagrams in a day like others do in a whole year. According to several influencers, here are the most instagrammable places in  US.

The Hollywood Sign

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We start the list with the obvious. When arriving in Los Angeles, everybody wants to appear with the most known symbol of Hollywood, its big perfectly round letters from the most notorious hill. Another place that can easily go on the list of the most instagrammable places in America is the #walkoffamestars, the popular street with the names of the most known actors and singers who “made it”.

The Acorn Street, Boston, U.S. 

This is one of the most popular spot for instagramers, due to its beautiful contrast between the red brick combined with the black windows design and green accents. The narrow street is a combination of the Victorian era with a modern twist that makes every selfie look amazing.

Grand Canyon National Park

Of course, the Grand Canyon proudly appears on this, combining a pure blue perfectly crystalline water with the red dusty giant stones make an Instagrammer’s paradise, enhancing every profile with breathtaking photos.

Las Vegas

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Among all these HOT destinations, all travelers hit the city that never sleeps, of gambling, eccentric parties and the place you’re allowed to wear clothes as small and extravagant as you wish and blend in the crowd. If you want hundreds of great spots for Instagram, check a Las Vegas trip in your vacation route.

Castle Hill Graffiti Park

In its 6 years of existence, the Castle Hill graffiti park has become a must-see for everyone who visits Austin. This is the place where various artists were encouraged to cover the walls and other public concrete debris with their work, then do it again.

The Montauk Lighthouse

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This known lighthouse from Long Island, New York is one of the most instagramable places in US. It overcame the most popular spot in the city and it reached the top 50 places in the country. This National Historic Landmark is rich in events, being built under the signature of George Washington in 1792.

Los Angeles

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The San Francisco Bridge


What do you think? Which are your favorite places? Tell us where you’re going in the next trip and I’ll make a Top 10 Instagramable spots from that town. Show us your pictures in the comments. We would love to know where you like make pictures for Instagram.

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