After officially becoming an adult you soon realize what responsibilities really are and what differentiates a teen from a grown up. I’m speaking of course about credit scores, loans and learning how to correctly juggle with money.

It’s hard, maybe impossible how to know from a first try how to organize your finances. You will surely make a few mistakes while learning how to multiply them. While testing and learning about budgeting and finances, you might end up having a really bad credit score.

Money Tips

Here’s where Money Tips enter the scene. The site offers a wide range of free tools that will help you recover, all in one single place. All you have to do is create a free account on the site and you will get 6 free tools to repair your credit score.

 Credit Manager 

Unlike other sites that offer static reports, the ones on this site are interactive. You can “INTERACT with credit items – to dispute, resolve, or negotiate instantly.” CM will highlight the 6 keys to your score which will allow you to learn about your credit score and how to boost it (credit usage, credit age, total accounts, payment history, inquiries and derogatory mark).

Debt Optimizer 

DO is a very useful tool which will analyze “your debt and suggests simple actions to lower interest rates, reduce monthly payments and lift your credit score.” You will have access to multiple lenders and be able to choose the best and fastest.

ID Protector

Another way this site helps you to repair your credit score is ID Protector. It will monitor your financial actions 24/7 and protect you from identity theft.  More than that, “you’re protected by up to $1 million in identity repair insurance”. Unlike other tools on this site, this requires to open a premium account.

Mortgage Planner

Their mortgage calculator will help you understand how much you can afford. You’ll be able to test various rates and payment scenarios so you’ll be sure which to finally choose. There are 4 keys to qualifying: Loan-to-Value, Debt-to-Income, Credit Quality, and Special Program suitability.

Retirement Planner 

This is an absolutely necessary tool for everybody. It has 5 big steps: your current status, retirement savings, retirement income, retirement outlook, and guides.

Rate Compare

The last but definitely not least free tool will allow you to ask questions for free about any financial dilemma and receive answers from professionals.

As you can see, no matter how much stress this money matter can bring you, we’re always bringing solutions for you. All you have to do is relax and receive our researched articles on the domains you want and need.

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