We love the feeling of being independent, as it gives us a lot of confidence and helps us just feel free. However, having a disability is a challenge for everyone. Not only that it prevents you from easily going for what you want, but at least in the beginning it’s a constant burden and you’re always very self-aware.

No matter what’s the nature of your disability, don’t panic. We, as human beings have a tremendous power inside and are meant to overcome absolutely anything that comes to our road. We truly are magnificent beings and not due to our bodies, but ONLY because of our mental power.

If you’re thinking you can’t participate at beauty pageants anymore, think again. we live in a world that’s constantly improving their collective thinking and will eventually concentrate on what matters the most, the inside. So, if that’s a must for you, simply google different pageants, as beauty comes in all forms and shapes and there are a lot of voluptuous or gorgeous women with disabilities on the catwalk nowadays.

How to Get The Job You Want Even If You Have a Disability

Firstly, let’s help you find a job first. It isn’t easy when you can’t perform the actions that the others can, but having a disability should never stop you from aiming high.

If you’re struggling to find any job at the moment, here’s the solution: AmericanSSD will search the market to match you with the perfect job in your location. All you need to do is enter your name and location and you’ll receive help from them throughout all the process.

However, if you can’t work at all and is medically proven, you’re definitely eligible to receive disability benefits. I covered the subject on how to receive them in this article.

How to Cope With a Disability Emotionally and Mentally

Firstly, know that the world isn’t over now. As I previously mentioned, we are meant as humans beings to OVERCOME everything. That’s why I’m repeating it until anyone who reads it will totally believe it.

Happiness is an inside job. Having things or looking a certain way really doesn’t bring happiness. Some of the most anxious, depressed and insecure people we know are exactly the stars that seem to have everything. But they lack the essential key to happiness: their inner work.

So let’s split it into little steps that are easy to follow:

1. The most essential and important thing you should aim for is to grow your mental power. Having a powerful mindset will set you completely FREE, as you know you hold the power no matter what the outer things may look like.

You’ll see below some examples and realize that if you work only to develop inner strength, it’s enough to overcome anything. How to achieve that? Read and watch motivational books and videos, hire a motivational coach to help you become unbreakable, do daily affirmations and within a few months you’ll see huge differences.

2. Exercise. This is a secret to happiness for any human being. Being active, putting your muscles to work and doing physical exercises will make you feel good. No matter what your disability is, you can train any part of your body. Doing exercises will boost your energy level and help you sleep better. More than that, while exercising, the body releases endorphins which will help you enter a good mood (best anti-depressant).

3. Keep only the positive people around. You’re going through enough things to allow negative people in your life anymore. You’re the priority and you need to surround yourself with only uplifting positive people that have already done their mental work. Having them around will make such a huge difference.


Last but definitely not least, here is the proof you can cope with a disability no matter the circumstances. We say disability when we meant something physical, but we have all been there, having a mental breakdown, anxiety, depression, suffering an accident or just feeling horrible. We are all the same, living in a world where we’re learning to enjoy and admire each other’s qualities and strengths. Here are some incredible people who are examples for all of us:

Nick Vujicic

Jack Kavanagh

Sam Berns

Chantelle Brown-Young

Photo Credit: Bonvitastyle.com


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