What you definitely know is that your home costs you a lot. But you should know is that you can use your home to earn money, and I’m talking about big money, too.

Let’s see in what ways you can make your home a source of income:

1. Rent Your Home/ Or a Room

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You definitely know about this trick, but it’s the top of our list for a reason. This can become a stable way of making money and you’ll learn a LOT, by doing this regularly.

You can use the most known place to display your home, Airbnb. It will show your offer to millions, and you’ll have the opportunity to create new experiences and earn money too.

How to rent your house at the right price: RentToOwn is a relatively new platform, but it does its job wonderfully. Not only it’s one of the biggest databases in the world, but it helps you find the value of your home and rooms so you could rent it at an appropriate price. They even help you repair your credit score and create rental agreements if you want it this way or sales agreements if it’s the case. So you can use RentToOwn for multiple actions.


2. Rent Out Your Parking Spot

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Did you know you can rent your parking spot when you’re not using it? Especially if you’re living in a city where parking spots are limited, this can be a good source of income. Just make sure you don’t live in a restricted neighborhood (you can read HOA guidelines to be sure).

Then simply use a parking app and list when your space is available and how much you want to charge for it. Just Park and ParkLee are such apps.


3. Organise Yard Sales

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Another way to use your house to earn money is through, well …your backyard. Or front, if it’s large enough. You can anytime organize a yard sale and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. They can be items stocked in your garage and basement or even clothes you haven’t used (and let’s be honest, you won’t use from now one either).

If you’re at work and don’t have time for stuff like these, you can display small items on a table and leave a donation box so people would choose items and pay for them.


4. Board Pets

Photo Credit: Nidhin Mundackal

No matter if you’re willing to pet sit and allow stranger’s pets in your yard or in your home, you can make money out of it. For yards, you need to build a traditional kennel, but if you will let them stay inside you can enjoy their fun presence as well.

Use apps like Rover or Dog Vacay.


5. Make Your House Famous

use your home to earn moneyPhoto Credit: Matt Briney

Have I made you curious? Good, because this option is simply fabulous. You can use your home to earn money by renting it to movie companies. They are in constant search of locations for their films so you can use this opportunity to make extra cash.

If you’re wondering how much will you get from this, Locationshub informs that you will receive daily the equivalent for a month’s mortgage payment. If you choose to rent it below 15 days you won’t have to report the income to IRS. Isn’t this sweet?

List your home on sites like Locationshub or FilmsLocationsWanted.


6. Rent Your Attic 

use your home to earn moneyPhoto Credit: Kevin Noble

Did you know you can rent out any storage place in your home and cash in money? I’m talking about anything, from your shed, attic, basement or garage. There are apps that will connect you with people that need their items stored.

If you have a crowded garage or attic, follow the N0 3 tip and organize a yard sale to get rid of the junk then list your space on sites like StoreWithMe or StoreAtMyHouse. Remember to say if your storage spot is pest free or is climate controlled and you may wake up with a steady monthly income.

These are some pretty cool ways to use your home to earn money and afford that holiday you wanted or that new camera. Which one is your favorite? We’d love to know your stories when renting spaces.

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