We need to make our voices heard. Voting is one of the essential powers that is always vital for our nation’s future. However, people who don’t benefit from a reliable transportation might be stopped from using their right.

That’s why Lyft stepped in and announced how it will help. It will offer free and discounted rides ALL across U.S. on Election Day.

How can you get a discount?

So, Lyft has been partnering with multiple organizations including Vote.org, Nonprofit Vote, and Turbovote, that will help you get a 50% off promo code for November 6.

Free Rides

Also, companies like Urban League, Voto Latino and the National Federation of the Blind will get in touch with people in underserved communities in order to help them receive their promo codes to get free rides on Voting Day.

Lyft has started this massive action reporting that an estimated 15 million registered voters didn’t vote in 2016 due to transportation issues. An earlier analysis from the Pre Research Center cited that people with lower income (under $30,000 per household) are most probably to not go to vote, as in 2014 there were 43% from this category who didn’t vote.

In this note, Lyft hopes its plan will help everyone reach the polls this year.

In 2016, during elections, both Lyft and Uber offered free and discounted rides. We’ll be watching and announce you if there are any more news and deals for the Election Day.



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