I love cycling. When I first learned to ride a bike it took me 3 full days.  All thanks to a really understanding boyfriend who had the patience to watch me slowly gain balance on it. When I finally went a few meters all by myself, guess what? I entered exactly into a thin street lamp. I didn’t have much speed so don’t worry, nothing bad happened, but this was hilarious as I never have a good target (when I want to, who can relate). And did I tell you that I learned to ride a bicycle at 19, not at 4, like any other normal human being?
Still, one of the most rewarding experiences.

Now let’s talk about its benefits. Maybe you read the headlines where politicians from N Europe travel to work by bike or even this awesome New Zealand Prime Minister. 

Firstly, there are politicians that want to do their job properly and are interested in ecology, sustainability and don’t subtract public funds for their personal cars & stuff. But, there’s another great reason, too.


1. Improves Health 

Though you know everything I’m going to say here, let’s recapitulate, just to make sure you didn’t miss any:

  • Improves mental well-being and makes you happier;
  • Helps at weight loss and keeping a healthy weight;
  • Build those sexy legs muscles you want so bad;
  • Better lung health;
  • Cuts heart disease and cancer risk in half;
  • Sleep better;
  • Improves your sex life;
  • Better brain activity;
  • Strenghtens your immune system.

The list can go on, but you got the idea. Cycling is one of the best things you could do the boost your energy level and endorphins (those cells that make you happier and more active).

2. Saves You Time 

 Cycling Weekly has made this cute comparison between experiences:

  • “Get in the car, sit in traffic, queue to get into the car park, park, pay to park, arrive
  • Walk to bus stop, wait for the bus, complain about bus being late, get on bus (pay), watch as it takes you round-the-houses, arrive, about half a mile from your destination
  • Get on the bike, filter past traffic, lock the bike, arrive.”

So what’s it gonna be?

3. You Save A LOT of Money 

By commuting to work by bike and not by car, you will save a lot of money.
If you still haven’t got a bike, let’s see how much would you totally invest for all possible causes:

  • Bike: anywhere from $100 to more (if you’re into brands) or $30-$50 if you buy it used.
  • Helmet: $30;
  • Lock: $25, if you’re afraid it will be stolen;
  • Lights, mirrors: $30;
  • Raincoats, bags (to carry your laptop and other stuff): Let’s round it to $150;

The maximum will reach you somewhere $350, and with all gear. (We’re talking about commuting, not racing equipment). Eventual repairs usually cost $30 too when the damages aren’t huge. Now think how much you spend with your car.

Below you can watch a very nice video of a tour given to the president of France in Denmark on bikes. Uploaded a few hours ago by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

Danish PM show President of France around Copenhagen by bike

No toned car windows today, when Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen showed the President of France Emmanuel Macron around Copenhagen because of course they took the city in by bike.

Posted by Cycling Embassy of Denmark on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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