What is Inbox Research? 

Our company was launched after we, a group of 4 friends, experts in different domains wanted to do something different. Something that will help people receive easy money (without having to take another job), preparing you mentally to achieve your dreams, helping you get a better job, scholarships and much more. This site is all about you, your needs, your dreams and how to make them possible.

More exactly, we are teaching how to:

–  Save money (see our budgeting section);
– Make more easy money daily;
– How to prepare yourself to make more money long term (better jobs, trainings);
– Bring opportunities like grants, scholarships, jobs and others;
– Live a happy and carefree life, on all plans;
– Travel tips, cheap destinations, incredible travel offers and more.

If you’re opting to make $25 daily or more with only 20 minutes of work we’re sharing with you a big list of great survey sites. If you sign up, you’ll get up to $5, if you complete 2 offers you’ll receive $1, refer a friend and you’ll get an extra $1.


Sign up Bonus – $5, complete two offers and get a $1.00, refer a friend and get a $1.00


This amazing website can definitely contribute to helping you make $25 daily. Complete their surveys when they are available and you will receive cash, coupons, samples, and special offers tailored to your needs and wants. Enter the contest to win $1,500 per month.

My Survey

This site will allow you to win cash at a continuous rate. Join for free and complete surveys for monthly payments.


With YouGov, you have the opportunity to share your opinions regarding your political views, and complete usual surveys too. It is known to give you a voice in these matters.


Receive 3 times the usual points for your first survey. By completing surveys you’ll enter to win vacations, electronics, appliances, and much more.


Join this site and you’ll be eligible to complete surveys right away. You will also enter the competition to win $1,000 just for signing in, plus other surprises.

Global Test Market

Share your opinions with them and you will be rewarded. You will get hundreds of surveys/ year, about shopping, restaurants, and more. Every year people around the world win $ 8, 000, 000 altogether.

VIP Voice

Join one of the biggest surveys sites in the world and you will receive rewards in cash, coupons, gift cards and unexpected surprises. Companies need your opinion in order to improve their products and services.

Opinion Control Panel 

Receive free stuff like money, coupons, and presents. Plus enter to win monthly prizes in cash. Another great site that will help you make $25 daily.



Be an inspiration, share your opinions and gain great rewards. Be part of the Voice of Change with Toluna and complete daily surveys.

Pinecone Research

On Pinecone Research you are given the chance to evaluate products before they hit the shelf. Earn $3 per survey.



With Money tips, you’ll make sure your credit score is alright. You won’t need to enter your credit card information, and this free tool will send you ID alerts. It has a lot of other options, so you might want to check it yourself.

My Free Score Now 

This is another amazing site that will give you the best tips on how to keep your score high. Also, you can check your score for free.

Expert Credit Card

You should definitely try this one as it can be a lifesaver. Or money saver. Or both. Depending on your needs, it will compare the best credit cards from all companies available and give you a thorough report so you could make the best decision.


Do you want to save a month worth of money from self-care and household products? You know there are sites that send you samples 2 or 4 times/year? Now multiply this with all samples sites and you’ll see you won’t have to buy anything for at least 1 month. Here are the best sample sites:

– Quality Health Samples

– Sample and Savings

– Everyday Family Sampling Club

– I Love Samples

– Winter Samples


Save big bucks by being helped to choose the lowest car rates ever. This site is helping you choose the best company for free.

Making daily money and learning how to save them is easy. It just needs consistency, a good adviser (we’re offering to do this for free :D) and great resources (guilty as charged, we’ll bring the latest opportunities directly in your newsletter).

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