Fiverr is one of the biggest service platforms out there, with over 3 million experts showcasing their skills and talents. Whether you want to buy an original present, like a portrait, a cartoon, digital painting or any kind of art, or you need help with your business, this is the place to go.

Fiverr was launched almost a decade ago, in 2010 and since then it helped both freelancing experts and business owners to come together and help each other. So, what are the benefits of accessing fiverr sellers?

Advantages of Using Fiverr

1. Great Quality – Price Balance

As its title says it loud, prices begin at only $5-rr. This means logos, copywriting, graphics and almost anything you can name it. Of course, for more intricate requests the prices go up, depending on the time needed and complexity.

Depending on the kind of service you need, you can simply type the word in the search bar and thousands of offers will pop up. Overall, the total price is MUUUUCH lower than any other freelance sites.


2. Collaborate with Experts

It isn’t easy to find someone with expertise at a low cost by just googling it, but here, on Fiverr, your choices are endless. There are a lot of real experts that offer their services to help clients like you build a brand and cover the areas you don’t know.

More than that, you can see their reviews so it’s easy to make an idea before contacting a certain provider. And sometimes, you can even see what different final products the reviewers received, which is a big plus in making your choice.


3. Build Your Brand 

When constructing your brand, you need a lot of technical details and skills you might not have taken into consideration when you first started. Here, you can request anything from market research, creating your brand’s face and story, web design, and every little detail that might add on the road.

Have hundreds of options. Photo Credit: Alexander Padei

Disadvantages of Choosing Fiverr

1. Sellers Aren’t Verified

For me, this isn’t a big minus, but it’s worth our attention. Unlike other few sites that require a diploma, here anyone is welcomed to showcase their talents. This means you won’t meet only experts, but people who are offering their services without going having a license or master for that.

However, you can see their reviews and projects they showcased so does that piece of paper matter that much? There are a lot of people constantly improving their skills with, or without college. You can always ask the vendor about this detail so he can show you his experience and expertise.

2. Time Frame

Fiverr has the option to help you choose from the “top rating sellers”. Usually, they are in high demand and have dozens of jobs queued, so this means you might question the quality and uniqueness of the project you’ll receive.

Pro Tip: When searching for a different service, opt for those who offer multiple revisions to your requested project so you would be completely satisfied with it.


What to Know When Hiring Someone from Fiverr

Personally, Fiverr is my favorite freelance site as it’s much more transparent regarding mostly everything, while on other sites they can create fake accounts with other names and even location trying to attract more clients. Here, everything is clear, the services are totally exposed with their prices, while on other sites you might wake up with higher prices than originally discussed.
In order to make your experience perfect on this site, here is what you should know:

  • Put as many questions as needed before hiring a freelancer. Even if some of them are covered in their service description, you’ll want to clarify all the details before jumping to hire them.
  • When posting a request for a service, make sure you write as many details as you can. You need to be extremely specific in order to receive everything you want.
  • Set a deadline with the chosen freelancer before closing the deal.
  • If you want to be a seller, be specific about what you’re offering. Calculate your time frame and add a few hours, just in case, in order to provide the highest quality services. Add a bullet list with all your skills and point out exactly what your clients will get. Remember that 5-star ratings are more important than a few extra bucks within a limited time frame.





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