Sounds too delicious to be true? Let’s settle this; how does your actual job look like? Do you commute, be surrounded by colleagues, bosses, deadlines and a lot of stress? Why not try to relax and earn money by just.. having fun?

I know, this sounds like a dream… in a movie… and totally SF. But I can assure you it’s totally real. This gig does exist and it’s entitled World’s Best Job for a reason.

The position is offered by Vidanta, a group of high-end hotels and resorts situated on the white sandy beaches in Mexico. Among the locations, there are Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Acapulco.

As a pro-vacationist (this is how they name the position), you’ll have to try new luxury spa treatments, VIP access to a primo DJ set, learn to dance salsa, swim along whale-sharks or admire the sunsets, just to name a few. Hard work, isn’t it? Another requirement is to try the pool with a fancy drink in your hand… to make sure the water is just right, of course. 

They also state that as a pro-vacationist  “you’ll need to relocate to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico for a year (we know, hard sell, right?). Next, it’s absolutely required that you experience all of Vidanta’s luxury, art, culture, history, food, and entertainment.”

In other words, you’ll be an ambassador for the Vidanta chain hotels and a social media influencer who will earn a whole six-figure salary, with any other visa, food, beverages, spa tratments, and activities entirely covered.


In order to apply for this super-amazing world’s best job, make sure you know how to:

– Be a charismatic person and love talking to people;

– Be enthusiast about what you do (it’ll definitely be a challenge not to be enthusiastic while living the dream, isn’t it);

– Document your journey on social media;

– Create new inventive campaigns;

– Connect with influencers and stay on top of trends and technologies.

Deadline: You can APPLY HERE until Oct. 21 and the winners will be announced on Nov. 1st.




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